BUBBLE 納米汽車專用空氣抗菌器(茉莉花味)(SH-004A)

BUBBLE 納米汽車專用空氣抗菌器(茉莉花味)(SH-004A)

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產品詳情Product「純草本精華」 「Purified Herbal Extracts 」 「香港浸會大學中醫藥學院合作研發成果」 「Co-Developed with the School of Chinese Medicine of Hong Kong Baptist University」 「專利配方 香港製造」 「A Patent Formula Made in Hong Kong」 功效Efficacy 有效防禦: 空氣中94 ~ 99 % 病菌(金黃色葡萄球菌、大腸桿菌及白色葡萄球菌) 甲、乙型流感病毒 Effective in resisting: 94 ~ 99% Airnorne Backteria(Staphylococcus Aureus,E. coli,Staphylococcus albus) Influenza A & B Virus 使用場所Applied Places 適用於車內或小空間 For car or small space 使用方式Directions 固定於空調風口位置(適合大多數空調風口) 可貼於任何位置 使用週期大約45天 Attach to the air condition vent (Fit most car air vents) Stick on any platform Operating Life around 45 days 規格Specification 內含: 車用殺菌機 x 1 Content: Car Diffuser x 1 注意事項Precautions 建議孕婦及長期病患者在使用前須咨詢醫生意見 若皮膚過敏或不適,請立即停止使用,並就醫診治 存放時需遠離寵物、食物及飲料 兒童須在成人指導下使用 請存放於陰涼及乾燥的地方 如產品有異味或損壞,請立即更換產品及妥善棄置 本產品能殺滅空氣中的細菌并具備預防疾病的功效,不適用任何治療。如身體不適,請向醫生求診 Pregnant women and chronically ill people should consult doctor before use Not recommended to continuously use for mroe than 2 hours If skin irritation or discomfort, please take it off immediately and seek medical advice Keep out of reach of children and pets, away from food & drink Keep in a cool and dry place Children use under adult supervision is recommended Stop use immediately and dispose properly if it is damaged or smell bad This Product is applicable for treating airborne bacteria and preventing influenza .This product is not intented for treatment for any illness . If you are not feeling well please consult your doctor before using Shang Healthcare products 產品通過下列測試 Tests 殺菌測試 毒理評估 皮膚過敏測試 急性吸入毒性測試 經SGS公證行證明能有效殺滅空氣中96%以上的金黃色葡萄球菌、大腸桿菌及白色葡萄球菌 經廣東檢驗檢疫局技術中心證明能有效殺滅空氣中94%以上的甲型H1N1及乙型流感病毒;及能有效殺滅空氣中99.9%的退伍軍人症病毒 Evaluation of the Efficacy of Air Disinfection Toxicological Risk Assessment Skin Sensitization Test Laboratory tests by SGS proven effective in eliminating > 96% of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus albus in the atmosphere. Laboratory tests by Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine Technology Center(IQTC) proven effective in eliminating > 94% of influenza A(H1N1) & B virus in the atmosphere. And proven effective in eliminating 99.9% Legionella Pueumophila in the atmosphere.